The Lucky Shakti Leaf is an effective, safe and natural way of adding iron to your diet. Many people suffer from low levels of iron in their body (known as iron deficiency) at different times in their lives. Populations most at risk include: women and children; people with low levels of iron in their diet (e.g. vegetarians & vegans; and high-performance athletes). However, iron deficiency can affect anybody. Low levels of iron in the body cause tiredness and an inability to concentrate, headaches and even fainting. Severe iron deficiency anemia can be extremely dangerous and cause stunting in children.

Clinical trials on Lucky Iron Fish, an identical product from Lucky Shakti Leaf's parent company, show that it is effective at improving iron stores in different groups of people across the world. These trials include: women of reproductive age; infants (aged 1-5 years); school-aged children; families; individual men,women and children in the developed world; and women and men who are living with HIV.

The Lucky Shakti Leaf only works if you use the Leaf regularly (at least 3 times a week) and follow the instructions to make sure enough iron is released into the food or drink that you are preparing. Used properly, the Leaf does not cause side-effects because it is gentle on your digestive system. Clinical tests have also shown that the Lucky Shakti Leaf only alleviates iron deficiency and iron deficiency anemia; it does not improve anemia caused by other conditions (e.g. Thalassemia).

All the batches of Leaf are tested to ensure that the iron released from the Leaf is consistent and safe and that no other compounds are released that might be deleterious to health.

A complete list of published research surrounding the Lucky Iron Fish (an identical product to Lucky Shakti Leaf made by the same company) are listed below. These studies have been carried out by both the company and independent third-party researchers.

Research Documents