Frequently Asked Questions

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The simplest and easiest way to use your Lucky Shakti Leaf is to make your iron-infused drinking water for the day. You can also use the Lucky Shakti Leaf in any liquid based recipes such as soups, stews, curries, etc.

When used as directed, the Lucky Shakti Leaf releases 6-8mg of iron that can be absorbed by the body. This is about 40% of the average daily amount of iron that most people need. As most people have a diet that contains some iron, using the Leaf regularly helps boost the total amount of iron in a person’s diet. The table below shows how much daily iron is recommended by USDA and by Health Canada: insert chart below

The Lucky Shakti Leaf releases safe levels of iron when used as directed. The Lucky Shakti Leaf would have to be intentionally misused (e.g. boiling for hours at a time) to release too much iron. This would also change the taste and smell of the liquid making it very undesirable to use.

The Lucky Shakti Leaf is safe to use for most individuals including nursing and pregnant women. 2 exceptions include: – Children under 7 months of age – Individuals that are part of a very small amount of people who have genetic problems dealing with iron. If you are at all concerned please speak to your health care professional to assure that Lucky Shakti Leaf is right for you.

The Lucky Shakti Leaf is made from a type of iron powder that is approved worldwide for fortification of foods. Iron particles released from the Leaf during cooking are the perfect size to be absorbed by the body.

It takes 3 months of regular use to see improvements in iron levels.

Since Lucky Shakti Leaf is made with natural iron, some rusting may occur if moisture is left behind. Rusting is harmless and can be cleaned easily.

When used per directions, the food or water will not be different in taste or colour.