Anemia-free India

Institutional sales and programming

Are you an NGO, charitable organization, CSR initiative, or a clinic trying to improve the nutrition of communities in need?

Lucky Shakti Leaf works with innovative partners to deliver a comprehensive, sustainable solution that contributes to improved socioeconomic and health outcomes for women, children and communities.

Why Lucky Shakti Leaf is the solution for anemia-free India:

  1. Our product is an innovative solution that is long-lasting (up to 5 years)
  2. It benefits an entire family instead of just one individual, as is the case in traditional supplements.
  3. Additionally, using the Lucky Shakti Leaf also requires minimal behavioural change interventions as it can simply be added to people’s daily cooking.
  4. For these reasons, the compliance rate is very high for our solution to iron deficiency.
  • Maternal health

  • Menstrual health

  • Newborn & child health

  • Nutrition

  • Reproductive health

    (focus on adolescent girls)

  • Water, sanitation & hygiene (WaSH)

  • Microfinance

  • Women’s economic empowerment

  • Family planning

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Lucky Shakti Leaf also works with partners by providing our solution at a significantly reduced price for institutional orders.

For example, we currently have two partners that are the representatives for our products in india.

Please connect with us for any partnerships or sales inquiries.

We will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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